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Gen Con & Dragon Age RPG

January 30, 2011 1 comment

I am both win and fail on this one. At the very same time. I like to support projects of the people I know (I mean, I bought M:tG novels, for Pete’s sake!) but I mostly stick to things I really want to read or play. I’ve been a huge fan of Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare. I’ve purchased all the DLC and the expansion, even if I haven’t finished it all. Even buying a t-shirt at Hot Topic so I’d COLLECT THEM ALL. How very Pokemon of me, yes? Shoot me; I’m a completist. With poor spelling, I might add. And yes, I’ve pre-ordered Dragon Age II.

With all that said, I was happy to hear that my pals at Green Ronin were putting out a table-top RPG version. As it says on the Dragon Age RPG FAQ, “Dragon Age features an all-new game system that’s both easy to learn and exciting to play—the perfect portal to tabletop roleplaying.”. This is incredibly important to me, as I believe there are scads of people who would play table-top games if they only knew how. Or new people who played. Or..or…or.. You get the picture. Chris has designed a system that anyone can pick up and play. Truly! It is accessible, yet interesting. It’s SUPER AWESOME COOL, and offers a chance for players to go beyond their experiences in the video game.

I’ve wanted to get back into being a GM (Game Master) for quite a while. I last ran 2nd Ed D&D Forgotten Realms back in, I think, 2003? I’ve only done sporadic RPG playing, focused more on board & card games. I haven’t utilized my time well at Gen Con and other conventions. Okay, mostly because I keep volunteering at them. Still, I desire to get back into things; to sit back and /play/ instead of organizing so many things.

So, where was I fail, like I said in the beginning of my post? Well, I bought the Dragon Age RPG on pre-order. I’ve had the box set all this time and haven’t played. At Gen Con last year, I picked up the Game Master’s Kit (and boy, is it PURTY) and Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden

I set myself a goal. I’ve blathered on about running Dragon Age. I’ve kept meaning to do it. I finally said, “DAMMIT DANI. JUST RUN THE DAMN THING”. And I am. I’m submitting it for events at Gen Con. That is what prompted me to finally get the blog started; I want a place for people to read about how I’m going to run the game and get a better feel of what kind of GM I will be. A good one, I hope. The great thing about knowing the Green Ronin folks is that if anyone is a jerk at my table and wants to whine to them? They’ll say “YOU WERE PROBABLY A JERK.”. That might be my favorite part, actually. HAH!

Seriously. It will be fun. Even if I suck at being a GM, I’m still gonna make it fun for everyone. Of course, I may have to bribe people into the fun part. I guess it’s time to send an order to Geeky Cookies Oh, Leo…

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Austin players wanted!

January 29, 2011 Comments off

I promised to run this at Gen Con last year, casually, and never got around to it. You know how that is. I committed this year, that I WOULD do it, even doing it officially as a ticketed item and on the side, with some friends.

I need practice, both as a GM (which I haven’t done since about 2003) and playing this particular game. AND teaching it to people who may have never played the BioWare Dragon Age video game.

Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin

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Yet another blog about gaming & life.

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I haven’t done a lot of blogging in years. The more I get involved with hosting events, running games, speaking about games at conventions, writing about games and working in the games industry, the more I realize that I need one home to get my thoughts organized.

I’ll be blogging about the games industry (Sorry, no gossipy ranty bits. Mostly), games I am running and talks I’ll be giving or which to give. I’m certainly not going to be the most well-read blogger; I might not get anything out of this for anyone but myself. And that’s okay. I almost finished that up with “eh?”, but I realized that mixing my Texas accent and Seattle accent probably hurts some brains.

Also, the opinions I post in my blog are mine. They do not represent the game I’m working on, nor do they represent my company. If you take issue with my opinions, please take it to me privately. If I talk about game features, it does not mean my company is including them in our games. The only way you can say “ZOMG UR GAME” is when I’m actually talking about my game.

Note #2…there might be swearing.

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