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Yet another blog about gaming & life.

January 29, 2011

I haven’t done a lot of blogging in years. The more I get involved with hosting events, running games, speaking about games at conventions, writing about games and working in the games industry, the more I realize that I need one home to get my thoughts organized.

I’ll be blogging about the games industry (Sorry, no gossipy ranty bits. Mostly), games I am running and talks I’ll be giving or which to give. I’m certainly not going to be the most well-read blogger; I might not get anything out of this for anyone but myself. And that’s okay. I almost finished that up with “eh?”, but I realized that mixing my Texas accent and Seattle accent probably hurts some brains.

Also, the opinions I post in my blog are mine. They do not represent the game I’m working on, nor do they represent my company. If you take issue with my opinions, please take it to me privately. If I talk about game features, it does not mean my company is including them in our games. The only way you can say “ZOMG UR GAME” is when I’m actually talking about my game.

Note #2…there might be swearing.

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