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Gen Con & Dragon Age RPG

January 30, 2011

I am both win and fail on this one. At the very same time. I like to support projects of the people I know (I mean, I bought M:tG novels, for Pete’s sake!) but I mostly stick to things I really want to read or play. I’ve been a huge fan of Dragon Age: Origins by BioWare. I’ve purchased all the DLC and the expansion, even if I haven’t finished it all. Even buying a t-shirt at Hot Topic so I’d COLLECT THEM ALL. How very Pokemon of me, yes? Shoot me; I’m a completist. With poor spelling, I might add. And yes, I’ve pre-ordered Dragon Age II.

With all that said, I was happy to hear that my pals at Green Ronin were putting out a table-top RPG version. As it says on the Dragon Age RPG FAQ, “Dragon Age features an all-new game system that’s both easy to learn and exciting to play—the perfect portal to tabletop roleplaying.”. This is incredibly important to me, as I believe there are scads of people who would play table-top games if they only knew how. Or new people who played. Or..or…or.. You get the picture. Chris has designed a system that anyone can pick up and play. Truly! It is accessible, yet interesting. It’s SUPER AWESOME COOL, and offers a chance for players to go beyond their experiences in the video game.

I’ve wanted to get back into being a GM (Game Master) for quite a while. I last ran 2nd Ed D&D Forgotten Realms back in, I think, 2003? I’ve only done sporadic RPG playing, focused more on board & card games. I haven’t utilized my time well at Gen Con and other conventions. Okay, mostly because I keep volunteering at them. Still, I desire to get back into things; to sit back and /play/ instead of organizing so many things.

So, where was I fail, like I said in the beginning of my post? Well, I bought the Dragon Age RPG on pre-order. I’ve had the box set all this time and haven’t played. At Gen Con last year, I picked up the Game Master’s Kit (and boy, is it PURTY) and Dragon Age: Blood in Ferelden

I set myself a goal. I’ve blathered on about running Dragon Age. I’ve kept meaning to do it. I finally said, “DAMMIT DANI. JUST RUN THE DAMN THING”. And I am. I’m submitting it for events at Gen Con. That is what prompted me to finally get the blog started; I want a place for people to read about how I’m going to run the game and get a better feel of what kind of GM I will be. A good one, I hope. The great thing about knowing the Green Ronin folks is that if anyone is a jerk at my table and wants to whine to them? They’ll say “YOU WERE PROBABLY A JERK.”. That might be my favorite part, actually. HAH!

Seriously. It will be fun. Even if I suck at being a GM, I’m still gonna make it fun for everyone. Of course, I may have to bribe people into the fun part. I guess it’s time to send an order to Geeky Cookies Oh, Leo…

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