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Gen Con – My Panels, My Games & HELP!

June 11, 2011

I know, we all do it. “Oh, I have a great blog post I need to write!”. Life gets busy; you get caught up in other things. Or in my case, your Closed Beta wraps up and you start Open Beta. There are so many details, big and small, which go into launching an MMORPG. I am very proud of what I have accomplished for the Community and am tickled pink at the great people who are sticking by us as we launch. I should write a whole post just on launching a post, but it will have to come Soon(TM).

Right now, I want to talk Gen Con Indy 2011. I should start about Seminars and all, but I’ll actually make a request for help first. For my Seminars below, if you would like to volunteer on one of these panels, I’d love to talk to you! You can drop a note to my email and we can talk. I’ve got a couple of folks interested and I need to touch base with them. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

I submitted four Seminars and surprisingly, all four were accepted! WEEEHAW! Here are the Seminars and status:

SEM1120076 – “MMORPG 101” – 39 tickets left
Thursday, Aug. 4th 3:00pm Marriott : Santa Fe
Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have revolutionized computer gaming, and become the dominant mode for computer role-playing games. Thought about playing one? Are the acronyms confusing? Can’t follow the gaming chatter from your friends? Come learn about MMORPGs. Get suggestions from our panelists on the type of MMO would fit your gaming style, schedule and budget.

SEM1120077 – “Gaming & Community” – 9 tickets left
Friday, Aug 5 2:00pm Marriott :: Phoenix

Game communities have grown beyond small game clubs, web forums and IRC as social networking has become integrated with game companies and created even more game communities. Our panelists will discuss social networking and creating a positive community via chat tools, web forums, Twitter, Facebook and 3rd party news/blogs.

SEM1120078 – “Video Game Addiction” – 39 tickets left
Saturday, Aug 6 2:00pm Marriott :: Indiana Bllrm B
Have you noticed friends and family members pull away from the things they used to do so they can make that raid in World of Warcraft? Are your children glued to their console games to the point of missing school and interacting with their peers? Do you wonder if you truly have an addiction or if you’re simply enjoying your favorite hobby to the fullest? Come discuss how to strike a balance between a love of gaming and being addicted to a game.

SEM1120081 – Steampunk Gaming – 0 tickets left. YES, NO TICKETS!
Sunday, August 7, 2:00pm at ICC: 243
Steampunk is hot. Literature, fashion and the DIY approach appeals to more and more people every day. Can the DIY approach carry over to your RPGs? Which video games have a Steampunk theme or are adding Steampunk elements? What card & board games have a Steampunk theme? Is there really THAT big of a fan base? What is the difference between Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk in games? Come learn about the future/past setting of Steampunk gaming.

I haven’t signed up for many things, but these are my three scheduled events to attend:

Desolation: Prey for Life – Ubiquity System, run by John Kahane
When the world nearly ended, you were trapped deep in dwarven ruins as the mountains fell. As you struggle to find your way to the surface through the dark, something from the deep is hunting you, just out of sight but never out of mind. Experience story-driven roleplaying in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where high fantasy is brought low.

Hickman’s Killer Breakfast: 2011 – I can’t even begin to explain this, so Watch this video.
A rampaging gamemaster, 300 first-level characters facing certain death …. and show-stopping musical numbers! Tracy Hickman and the usual crew take on all comers in their classic, wacky, no-holds-barred role playing game for three hundred plus players. Play onstage or join in the audience participation. A hilarious Gen Con tradition! ALL NEW FOR 2011 — or consider our Hickman’s Killer Second Breakfast encore game on Friday morning.

Savage Saturday Night: Deadlands: Automaton Apocalypse – Savage Worlds system. *SQUEE*
Dr. Hellstromme and his legions of steam and steel are attacking Slaughter Gulch. The town’s only line of defense against these mechanical monstrosities is Hellstromme’s arch-rivals, the Collegium! This is a large 12-person event with plenty of “lead” to go around. Every player will be given a character, an infernal device, and a mission to stop Dr. Hellstromme’s automated army in this fast-paced miniatures based game.

The Hubster & I are arriving in Indy on Wednesday, late. We’ll most likely just hit our hotel and crash out. We leave out on Monday, so if anyone is still around Sunday night and Monday, we’d love to see you!

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