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My NorWesCon Schedule!

April 2, 2011

I’m flying back home to Seattle for NorWesCon later this month. I am a pro panelist again and was selected to be on a few panels. Here’s my awesome schedule! I am so excited to talk about these great topics!

Thursday 10pm: Not Just for White Boys Anymore: Beyond Stereotypes

The adventure tale tradition began with stories by white boys, for white boys, about white boys. Times have changed. Can adventure gaming change with them?
Donna Prior, Julie Haehn, Ogre Whiteside, SatyrPhil Brucato

Friday: 10pm: Dude, Seriously…WTF? When Gamers Cross the Line

There is no doubt that gamers are a fun and creative lot, but what happens when poor judgment, or just bad gamer behavior, twist that fun and creativity into something personally offensive? Our panelists discuss the things in a game you JUST. SHOULD. NOT. DO. And what you should do if someone has.
Ogre Whiteside, SatyrPhil Brucato, Donna Prior, Loree Parker

Saturday 1pm: Women in the Gaming Industry

Our all-female panel of gaming professionals discusses the growing presence/awareness of women playing and designing games, and the struggle with working in the industry. If you are a woman interested in working in this industry, our panelists want to encourage you!
Donna Prior, Julie Haehn, Liz Courts, Jennifer Brozek

Sunday Noon: Gaming & Community The panel I submitted! Yay me!

Game communities have grown beyond small game clubs, web forums, and IRC as social networking has integrated with game companies and created even more game communities. Our panelists will discuss social networking and creating a positive community via chat tools, web forums, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and 3rd party news sites.
Donna Prior, Matt Hammond, Liz Courts, Jeff Combos

Sunday 3pm: What Makes You A Fan? (I’m taking the “don’t be a fandom jerk” approach per the bolded part below.)

Books, movies, going to conventions … what is it that makes you a fan versus someone who just really enjoys a particular medium? Is there a difference? Can you be a fan without really liking science fiction and fantasy? Is a fan of one genre different from a fan in another? Is this really a controversy? Take part in a discussion that tries to present all sides.
Jacqualynn D. Duram Nilsson, Donna Prior

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