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Steamcon III Gamers/GMs Wanted!

March 28, 2011

I’m excited that I was asked back to run the Games Room for Steamcon III in Seattle. I had a great time hosting Games the last two years and I know this year will be even better. I reached out to last year’s volunteer team and so far, a lot of people are on board again.

Our theme for Steamcon III is ‘20,000 Leagues under the Sea”. The theme will totally change the way the event looks & feels, which should be pretty fabulous. Last year, we had “Weird West” so it was very casual at times. This year, I think we’ll see a lot more Military/Navy/Formal outfits and activities.

This carries over to Games, too! Which means I’m looking for some great people to run some great games. Mostly, I’m looking for people to run 2-4 hour RPGs, demo board/card games and general helpful volunteering.

All the folks who ran a game last year or ran a demo, of course, will get first priority on their choice of dates/times. We’ve got some great space this year so we should be able to have room for everyone who wants to run or demo something.

Interested in being involved? Drop me an email at games@steamcon.org and we’ll chat about it!

My plan is to allow people to sign up ahead of time for game slots, if possible and have the information easier to read, along with printable matrix so folks know when/where everything will be.

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