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My Gen Con 2011 Schedule!

March 26, 2011

Chatter about Gen Con Indy 2011 is flying fast and furious on Twitter. Soon, it will be that time again and we’ll be off to the wilds of Indianapolis to play games, talk about games, enjoy tasty beers while playing games and try not to wet ourselves during the Hickman Killer Breakfast. That is, unless we die a horrible level 1 death.

I’ll talk more about Gen Con as it gets closer, but I wanted to get my schedule up. Also, if you’re interested in joining one of my talks as a panelist, drop me a line. I’d love to have some more folks on board to talk about these topics with me. Get a lively discussion going, which is my favourite kind of Seminar!

SEM1120076 – MMORPG 101 Thurs 3pm – 4pm Marriott Phoenix
Massively multiplayer online role-playing games have revolutionized computer gaming, and become the dominant mode for computer role-playing games. Thought about playing one? Are the acronyms confusing? Can’t follow the gaming chatter from your friends? Come learn about MMORPGs. Get suggestions from our panelists on the type of MMO would fit your gaming style, schedule and budget.

SEM1120077 – Gaming & Community Fri 2pm – 3pm Marriott Phoenix
Game communities have grown beyond small game clubs, web forums and IRC as social networking has become integrated with game companies and created even more game communities. Our panelists will discuss social networking and creating a positive community via chat tools, web forums, Twitter, Facebook and 3rd party news/blogs.

SEM112007 – Video Game Addiction Sat 2pm – 3pm Mariott Indiana Bllrm B
Have you noticed friends and family members pull away from the things they used to do so they can make that raid in World of Warcraft? Are your children glued to their console games to the point of missing school and interacting with their peers? Do you wonder if you truly have an addiction or if you’re simply enjoying your favorite hobby to the fullest? Come discuss how to strike a balance between a love of gaming and being addicted to a game.

SEM1120081 – Steampunk Gaming Sun 2pm-3pm Marriot Indiana Bllrm D
Steampunk is hot. Literature, fashion and the DIY approach appeals to more and more people every day. Can the DIY approach carry over to your RPGs? Which video games have a Steampunk theme or are adding Steampunk elements? What card & board games have a Steampunk theme? Is there really THAT big of a fan base? What is the difference between Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk in games? Come learn about the future/past setting of Steampunk gaming.

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