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PAX Travel Blatherings

March 11, 2011

The bad part about weather delays is that your whole schedule is FUBAR. You’ve plotted out your meals, tried to coordinate possible long layover meetups and your arrival plans. And with some bad weather, that’s all screwed.

I was supposed to arrive in New York at JFK in the afternoon and catch a 6:30pm flight to Boston. I would get in, take a van to the hotel and then find friends to have dinner with. Get settled in and ready for the big opening on Friday. Instead, our flight left over 2 hours late. Spent another hour circling around the New Jersey airspace, before we could land. Once we arrived at 6:30, I find that my flight to Boston is delayed to 8:45. The good part about that is that I will eventually arrive tonight. It will mostly involve checking in and then finding a glass of wine before bed.

The nice thing about the late arrival and longer layover is that I get to eat dinner! I found an Italian wine/bar bistro and settled in for some tasty foods. Pasta with Parmesan Fonduta, mushrooms, garlic, shallots & black truffle oil? HELL YES PLEASE.

I’m now mellowed out and awaiting my flight. Which is surprisingly /not/ filled with gamer geeks. From years of Nerd Traveling (TM) I can spot a gamer a mile away. We’ve got a good amount of people headed to PAX on this flight, but not as many as I would have expected. But then, the hardcore ARE ALREADY THERE. *shakes fist* That being said, I am watching a teenager playing Tetris on Facebook. /score

Funny thing. As I’m on Twitter with someone from Darth Hater, a bloke in this shirt just sat down across from me at the ‘OH HAI, GET POWER FOR YOUR LAPTOP HERE’ place at my Jet Blue gate. Hahah!

I’ve been keeping myself amused by reading the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series. Whilst I have read & re-read various parts of all the EU, I have put off this..what..21 book series. And for good reason. BEST PART SO FAR was today. WRAITH SQUADRON. As my friend Meeshes suggested, I should hit a re-read the X-Wing series once I’m done with the NJO. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE.

It looks like we’re about to start boarding. I hope. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get to do each day whilst at PAX East. Might just take notes and follow up when I’m home.

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