All things Gen Con!

June 3, 2016

I’m super duper excited about Gen Con this year, and not just because I was selected as one of the 2016 Industry Insiders. Okay that’s a big part of it.

I’m super honored to be chosen this year, and I look forward to meeting so many amazing people.

I’ll be doing my usual duties, working in the Green Ronin Publishing booth. Actually, I’ll be rocking the Geek & Sundry portion of the Gen Con booth. So stop by for some Critical Role and Titansgrave goodness. I’ll post more to my socials when I know exactly what we’re gonna be selling and doing with the team. So many secret plans! /evil *edit* Here’s everything Green Ronin and Geek & Sundry! 

Before I get into more Industry Insiders stuff, I want to first thank all the old and new volunteer GMs who are bringing 90+ RPG sessions to Gen Con! We’ll be running lots of Mutants & Masterminds, Titansgrave, Fantasy AGE, Dragon Age, Song of Ice & Fire RPG, DC Adventures, some Freeport Pathfinder, and even Ork! You can do a search for Green Ronin to see all the games we’ve submitted. *gleeee*

Back to the Industry Insiders! I’ll be on a few panels for the Seminars below. Signups are live, so go ahead and add it to your schedule.


SEM16100220  – ­ It’s A Jungle Out There: Safety For Gamers

Controversies over inclusivity & other issues have created a dangerous social media environment for gamers. Learn how to protect yourself online, help victims of harassment, & more.


SEM16100219 – Inclusive Gaming: How To Host & Create A Safe & Welcoming Space For All – ICC : 241 (1pm-2pm)

Learn about creating a fun, welcoming, supportive environment for all gamers at your table, & about how to build rich, inclusive stories that your players will remember for years to come.


SEM16100225 – Making RPG Welcoming To New Players – ICC : 241 (10am-11am)

As the RPG & story gaming hobby grows, we need to know how to create a warm, inviting & safe atmosphere for new players. How do we do our best to make sure these players have fun & come back?

SEM16100231- Social Media & The Gaming Industry –  ICC : 240 (4pm-5pm)

Social media has changed the world, & gaming is no exception. Discussion on ways to improve your online presence, market yourself & your game to prospective clients & customers.


SEM16100226 – Raising Money To Publish Your Board Game – ICC : 241 (11am-12pm)

Confused about Kickstarter? Flummoxed about funding? We will discuss a number of different ways to fund your board game project beyond just crowdfunding, including related legal and business issues.

Still not enough to find me? Here’s where else I will be:


  • Meeting Green Ronin GMs. I’ll be stationed outside the expo hall so my GMs can find me and get their badges, and whatever information. Look for my GR shirt and green hair. Come hang out with me from 1pm-7pm.
  • Dinner at the Claddaugh Pub. Dinner & GM badge handouts
  • Diana Jones Awards


  • Working in the Geek & Sundry area of the Green Ronin booth, with the exception of the seminar.
  • VIG Party


  • G&S at Green Ronin again. I’ll be MIA from about 10am – noon, as I wrangle the Critical Role Q&A panel, which starts at 11am. It’s free, but you need a free ticket to attend. No generics accepted. Once the ticketed folks are sat, anyone can come in without a ticket, if there is room.
  • Playing Games with GR staff. Somewhere. Some time. I hope there is beer.



  • G&S at Green Ronin booth! Final seminar! Last hugs! Sales!
  • GR dinner and probably some drinks in there. Hah!


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