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Why Your Facebook Promotions Are Fail

February 15, 2013

Now, it’s not that Facebook Promotions fail; it’s that so many companies fail at running them. Large companies or small companies suffer from the same issue. They do not understand Facebook Promotions Guidelines, which also go along side the Terms of Service (ToS). Many great posts have been written about the terrible “like” and “share” contests & giveaways. However, the people reading them tend to be those who work in the social spaces. Which isn’t always the person or the team who’s responsible for the Facebook page.


Many companies run Facebook pages without knowing enough about the law regarding promotions and contests. Especially contests, which are considered gambling in some states and countries. If you are a business owner, it behooves to you know the social media tools and trends. Or at least, hire someone who does. An intern who has never dealt with a legal team might not even know what laws they’re violating. And it’s your business on the line, not theirs.

I’m not going to repeat what some very smart people have said, but I’ll give you some great links:

These articles pretty much cover the Guidelines with Facebook. There are many other issues to think about, and they’re all legal. Gambling laws, privacy laws, COPPA, and all kinds of things come into play when running a giveaway. Even more so when it is an actual contest. There’s NO way I’m going to give you legal advice on this, but I will refer to you this great article about the legalities of giveaways (sweepstakes) and contests. It’s a good read. It’s an article from 2009, but it’s still solid and applicable today. Structuring Online Sweepstakes and Contests: New Challenges for Marketers

Again, most business don’t really think much about the legalities when they want to do a giveaway or contest on social media. They sometimes assume the person running their social site (in this case, Facebook) knows these things. It’s incredibly important for small businesses to know their responsibility and liability. More so for larger companies; as people tend to report “big names”. They might have a serious grouse; they might just be a troll. Or they might be a pedantic rules nerd like myself. Okay, so I haven’t reported you. I promise.

Seriously though. Take a look at what you’re doing with your social media spaces. Make sure you’re following their ToS, Promotions Guidelines, and that you’re following all applicable laws. I really do want you to succeed! 

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