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Vending Machine Kitty!

December 22, 2012

I don’t think I’ve told the kitten story all in one place. It’s played out over the last 2 months via Facebook. It started when Barry found a kitten at work, under some vending machines….

He immediately took the kitten to the vet. The kitten got a flea dip and they gave him all sorts of tests. Guesstimated his age at 3 weeks. Once he went through all the Vet stuff, Barry brought him home in towels. The kitten could barely stand up. He was skin & bones. No muscle strength at all.

We put him in a box all wrapped up. Since the kitten was wet and shivery, I grabbed a heating pad. I turned it on very low and put it under the box so not to overheat the wee kitty.

He managed to get out of his box and get some milk on a saucer. He didn’t like it in the dropper. He climbed back into the warm box when done.

We held him a lot, letting our warmth and bodies be comforting.

When we weren’t home, we’d leave him locked in the back bathroom with a wee kitty litter box, soft kitten mushy food, and the warm box. This is how he slept when we weren’t holding him.

I loved taking pics when he was cuddled on me.

He started moving around more on his own. When he did, he found and made a mess of the regular cat food.

As you can see, he’s picked up quite a bit since then. Still his favorite thing with us.

This is usually how I find Barry and the kitten when I get home from work.

This is what he looks like now:

We’ve got more photos and videos of him that I haven’t uploaded before. He’s also got a name. I call him Rocket. When he found his legs, he would (and still does) ZOOOOM from room to room following you. Well, you end up following him. He runs and zooms off everywhere. We also call him Shadow, since he follows Doodlebug everywhere. Which is kinda funny, as Dood used to to that to Bubastis, much to her loathing. Now he’s got his own pest. 😉 Barry says that all cats should have a middle initial, so he’s Rocket J Shadowcat. I just call him little kitty. 🙂

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